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March 29, 2010

I can not believe how fast my babies are growing. My youngest is turning two coming Saturday. We had a little party for her and Egg Hunt at our Russian class. Here is her cake moment with two candles on it. Her older sister is excited about the candles, cake and everybody’s singing. Happy Second to my baby! Happy Second to me!

I used my husband’s great grandmother’s recipe for the cake. I’ve never met her, she died in 1983, but her recipe is still alive and being used by a lot of family members. It is Marble Cake, it is very good, but there is no cream recipe for it. I thought it was a little dry. My husband’s family usually eat it with ice cream. Next time I’ll probably consider ice cream, or find a good recipe for cream.

As for Russian school, it is for Russian families whose children (1 y/o through 7-8 y/o) were born here, or brought at a very young age. If you are in Hampton Roads area in Virginia and interested in taking Russian class, please let me know. The school is free, and you can start at any time.

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