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Do, Re, Mi, and New Design Preview

June 25, 2010

I recently got extremely busy – returned to cello teaching scene. I actually have more piano students than cello, but I started late in the school year, so hopefully I’ll get more cello students this fall. I already had a recital. My kids did very well, I see a lot of potential in them. My husband is very supportive of this venture. He watches the girls on nights when I’m gone. He takes them grocery shopping and to the library. Very good for them, for me, and us as a family.

I am very excited to announce that my new design is about to be published on Knit Picks website as a part of Independent Designer Program. Here is a picture of my new Strawberry Top. It is a summer top that can be easily customized for a tunic or dress. No seems except of a few stitches attaching straps to the back and pocket to the skirt. The top is modeled by my 2-year old, she refused to take off her Hello Kitty accessories, and the top is too big on her, so I am using this picture just for the preview and because she is too cute and silly. The pattern will be up on Knit Picks website next week. Stay tuned.

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